Your key supplier of

plant-based oils & fats

Your key supplier of

plant-based oils & fats

What we offer

Cefetra Premium Oils is an international trading company in the specialty oil market. We source a wide variety of plant-based oils that are used in the food, personal care, petfood, and supplement industries.

With a focus on sourcing a diverse range of oils, our collective expertise ensures that we consistently meet the unique needs of our customers.


Premium-grade specialty oils, bulk oils and vegetable fats

Our product categories

Specialty Oils

Valued for their distinct characteristics and applications, often preserved through specialized extraction methods to maintain their unique flavors, aromas, and nutritional values.

Bulk Oils

Our bulk oils are often used in many food and petfood products as a plant-based fat ingredient. They are valued for their neutral composition and competitive pricing.


Renowned for their moisturizing and protective qualities, natural plant-based fats are favored in cosmetic blends and culinary uses.

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Potential applications of our premium oils and fats

In Food

Our oils derived from plants, seeds, fruits, or nuts, are commonly used in cooking and food preparation to add flavor, texture, and nutritional value to various dishes.

In Cosmetics

Our formulations are used in skincare and beauty products for their nourishing and moisturizing properties, delivering essential vitamins and antioxidants.

In Petfood

Rich in essential fatty acids, the oils we offer enhance pet food for a balanced, nutritious diet. They promote skin and coat health, boost energy, and contribute to overall wellbeing of pets.

In Supplements

Our high-quality purified oils, crafted for supplements use enhance absorption, acting as carriers for active ingredients. Carefully selected and processed, they guarantee safety and efficacy in formulations.


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